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Check out this infographic illustrating our recent work on perceived partner responsiveness and lightening the load of relational sacrifices. Created by SHaRe Lab's Akshita Uppot!

"Relationship sacrifices are noble, but they can have heavy psychological costs" on Forbes

"Will Sacrifice Strengthen Or Destroy Your Relationship?" on

"How can relationships survive big-time sacrifices?" on Psychology Today

"How to be a better spouse: 25 ways to help" on

"The most effective way of thanking your partner" in The Atlantic

"The top five predictors of a healthy relationship" in Psychology Today

"Landmark study among 11,196 couples pinpoints what dating apps get so wrong" in Inverse

"it's not the person you choose but the relationship you build" on Reddit

"Sacrifice expectations shape your relationship" & "expectations kill gratitude" on Reddit

"How expectations are shaping your relationship" in Psychology Today

"Do you see your romantic partner’s sacrifices?", blog post I wrote for the Society of Personality and Social Psychology's "Character & Context

"Do you see your partner’s sacrifices?" in Psychology Today

"When low expectations are an advantage in romantic relationships", blog post for the Society of Personality and Social Psychology's "Character & Context"


"People with low self-esteem more likely to regret making sacrifices in their relationships" in PsyPost

"For couples, gratitude is a boomerang", interview with Wall Street Journal

"Sacrifice in close relationships", interview on my dissertation research with BNR Radio (in Dutch)

"A new reason to acknowledge your partner’s sacrifice" in Psychology Today

"Low Self-Esteem Partners Create Their Own Regret in Relationship Sacrifices", press release by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology

"Why Women in Relationships Turn a Blind Eye to Attractive Men" in Time Magazine

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